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Available Ad Formats on PornHD

On our website we have plenty of lucrative ad spots that will yield great results for you.

ad spots on PornHD
  • 300x250 Footer Ad
  • 300x250 In-Video Ad
  • HTLM5 Live Thumb Feed
  • NTV-A
  • NTV-B
  • Pop-under
  • VIP Navigation Link
  • 300x250 Middle Ad
  • 300x250 Footer Ad
  • Adhesion Banner
  • Pop-under
  • VIP Navigation Link

Advertising Code of Conduct - General Rules

Sun Media Ltd. seeks to accomplish and maintain strong advertising standards on all its sites.
With this Code of Conduct we aim to ensure the integrity of all advertising, promotion and marketing efforts in order to maintain an exceptional customer experience.

All marketing and advertising material has to be:

  • Accurate in description of the product or service
  • Legal in locations it’s being hosted e.g. actresses must look 18+
  • Responsible e.g. not encouraging violent or brutal behavior
  • Without automatically playing audio track
  • Free of Malware
  • Reasonable in data size < 1.5MB
  • Trigger a reasonable amount of requests i.e. maximum of 10 requests per ad

Additionally we consider the following methods malicious/unacceptable advertisement:

  • Drive-by downloads
  • Web widgets used to redirect users to site containing malicious code
  • Hidden iframes spreading malware
  • Ads attempting to impersonate government agencies
  • False and/or deceptive messages used to mislead the user into downloading harmful software
  • Falsely labeled links
  • Click fraud
  • Auto-redirects
  • Javascript alerts that affect the user experience of our sites
  • Ads showing competitive sites e.g. porn video tubes

Ad Zone-specific Rules:

Pop-under Ads:

No sound, no closing/exit confirmation dialogs, no auto-play enabled, 1/session max, no pop-ups or tab-overs

Adhesion Banner:

Static when scrolling, animated when idle

Additionally, due diligence on the side of the advertiser is expected to prevent any of the above issues. We also expect the advertisers best effort when selling and filling the ad zones e.g. not to show the same ad in 2 spots simultaneously.

All the above guidelines are status quo and are subject to possible change.
Sun Media Ltd. reserves the right, without prior notification, to immediately change or disable advertisement material used on its properties in accordance to the spirit of these guidelines.

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