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Free Hairy Porn in HD

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For a lot of us that are newer to porn or don't watch videos from the golden age of porn, we are used to waxed pussy on our screens. Full Brazilian waxes are the way to go for most models. If it's not a full Brazilian then they are at least trimmed so all they show are cute designs that invite you to come and lick where they want you to.

If you are a person that views porn regularly, the words 'hairy pussy' probably are not strange though. There is a growing number of porn fans that want to see a bush on the hot new stars that are joining the porn scene. Some people say that pussy licking is better with no hair, but these fans disagree and want to munch as much rug as they can. Let us take a walk into the world of hairy pussy.

We are talking about women blessed with full bushes. Back when porn became popular, there was not any hairy niche in the porn world. This is because most pornstars had the hairy kind of pussies fans love, so there is nothing special about them. It was the shaved pussy considered to be a new type of fetish porn. Women with no hairy pussy were considered special and recognized. Most of the pornstars back in the 70s had full hairy bushes you could bury your face in, and it would give cushion when you fucked.

It was after the 80s that noticeable changes to women's hair started. Though hairy pussy was still popular and the norm, pornstars had already started trimming their hairy pussies a bit. They took care of them like ornamental hedges. The changes now became crystal clear around the 90s when most women migrated from manicured pussies to landing strips, and later on to a new completely shaved pussy. This change did not just occur in the porn niche, but also among women generally. Then women started getting their hairy pussies shaved and waxed, mostly with Brazilian waxes. All we see now is shaved pussies, and this has been heartbreaking for the guys who love hairy pussy.

It seemed the hairy pussy was going out of style. And then there was a shift. Women started to want to leave their sweet bushes alone. Rejoice for the lovers of the bush! Now fans can watch as women making new porn have full bushes that we can admire. Fans can see women with hairy pussies right here in these clips.

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