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The Japanese are a cheerful crowd, but they have some strange rules regarding porn. On the one hand, they are forbidden to show the genital area, even in hardcore porn videos. It’s not a natural force-field that pixelates the air around the genitals of Japanese porn actors, it’s their national censorship authority; visually they seem to be quite restrictive. But, on the other hand, the Japanese are creators of the most outrageous fantasies out there, and we are not talking about a squirt porn. Who else would have the idea of inserting eels, octopus tentacles and other sick shit into every orifice of the female body? Or have women splattered with spunk all over their body in spectacular bukkake scenes? Japanese people, let me tell you. The Japanese girls might look shy and conservative at first, but when all is said and done, they are as kinky as we love it. Especially when you think about the small round asses, the tight pussies and the demanding eyes of the Japanese ladies. And it seems that doesn’t change with age – even a Japanese MILF, looks as fresh and hot as a teenager. Must be all the unrestrained sex and Sushi of course, Sushi FTW! Although that doesn’t hinder these amazing Japanese girls from having astonishing big tits and advanced skills when it comes to creamy blowjobs or fancy sex games. Still, the Japanese teens with their schoolgirl uniforms are just a class by itself. When they come in groups and start to do their lesbian stuff they got you anyway. You have to admit, you just gotta love those petite Japanese women. Moreover, the Japanese are the inventors of Kinbaku, the art of Japanese rope bondage. Apart from such extremes, the lovers of Asian porn and Japanese porn just appreciate the exotic touch these videos provide. After all porn is all about appeal, and HD porn aims to be the most appealing site for Japanese porn out there.