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Born in 1975, in Mississippi, Frederick Lamont is an African-American porn actor, but most of us know him as Mandingo. Unlike what many believe, he did not name himself after the movie Mandingo, the nickname was given to him in college.

He decided to enter the porn industry when he was around 24-years-old, and he has not been active for a year, so some speculate that he has retired. He is often featured in videos that are labeled as 'hardcore' or 'BBC' and that is mostly because he is very gifted, with his cock being around 12 inches long. A lot of pornstars have labeled his dick to be the biggest in the porn industry.

Mandingo mainly focuses on producing interracial porn, with teens in their 20s or late 20s. Due to his size, Mandingo is also known as Big Dick Fred, Fred Dingo, Fred Foolish and Curtis. He is featured in around 682 porn videos that usually accentuate the phrase "once you go black, you never go back", which might actually be true with all the hotties who got to sleep with this hung pornstar. Mandingo was also featured in a lot of group fucking videos, and compared to him, other performers are not looking so great!

Other than his huge hung fellow, he is rather buff and very experienced when it comes to pussy pleasing. He has fucked sluts of all shapes and sizes, but it is obvious that he prefers to be paired with the lovely teens in their twenties, who just can't seem to have enough of his pulsating pecker.

In addition, Mandingo has also been directing porn from 2002 to 2016, and he has directed a lot of popular titles. He was also nominated for a lot of different awards, and he has the Best Sex Scene of 2017 and 2014. With his size, fuck skills, and overall presence on the porn stage, Mandingo definitely brings something unique to the scene, and that is why he is respected by all of his co-stars and viewers!

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