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There is a special type of person that likes femdom porn. Regular porn almost always has the woman in the submissive position. You can see these babes getting their throats fucked, cocks rammed into their asses and their pussies stretched. It is always sexy seeing a babe get pumped full of cum, but in femdom, those sluts are in charge.

One of the most popular subcategories in femdom is pegging. If you are a dude that knows how great anal orgasm can be, then these are the videos for you. Femdoms, or female dominants, love to put their strap on in place and go to town on their guy's tight ass. Fans can watch as the male sub's cock gets harder and harder the deeper his mistress pushed her toy into his ass and then when she finally tells him he can, he will nut all over the place.

Bondage is another hot scene selection in the femdom category. In bondage scenes, you can watch everything from leather play to toys, tie-downs, ball gags and more being used. Sexy, dominating women in leather take the fantasy to a whole other level. We are not sure why exactly leather makes us want to get on our knees and say 'yes ma'am' but it does. The toys that are used in these scenes are also extensive. Some Femdoms will use ball gags because they may not want their sub to talk too much. Other slutty bosses go-between a strap on, cock cages, whips, and even handcuffs. The BDSM side of being a femdom can be as simple as telling your new subs what do to in a stern voice or using a whole dungeon full of playthings on them.

Femdom is roleplaying on a whole new level. The clips we have up on Porn HD in the Femdom section are sure to turn you on if you love this type of domination play. You can see some of the hottest femdom clips, hypnotisms, bondage, and more from some of the world's most famous dominatrixes. Although Femdom isn't for everyone, if you have ever thought about giving up control or you simply want to see what happens when a dominatrix has complete control over her subject you should strongly consider giving these a try. There are even some amazing amateur Femdom videos from new dominatrix's that you may not have ever seen before. All in all, Porn HD is your number one source for the hottest new high definition Femdom content, and it is all free to access.